If a rendering application like Microsoft Word or Notepad does not start after installing the Fasoo client, there may be a conflict between Fasoo and a security application running on your Windows PC.  Please do the following to generate a dump file that Fasoo can analyze to determine and resolve the cause of the conflict.  

  • Start Task Manager and go to the Processes tab
  • Try to open a file with the application that won't start
  • If a crash dialog box or other message appears indicating a problem, go to Task Manager.  You may not get an indication other than the application does not open.
  • Right-click the application in Task Manager and select Create Dump File
  • The dump file is created and will show you the save location.  It’s usually stored in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\ or something equivalent.
  • Zip the dump file and upload it to the Fasoo Help Desk