Attached is the Fiddler Tool, used for HTTP(S) network debugging.  Fasoo Help Desk personnel or engineers will guide you on how to use the tool and collect information for analysis.  

Fasoo may require additional information to determine why the Fasoo client cannot download security policies, allow users to authenticate or send logs to the Fasoo server.  Common reasons may be endpoint or network security software is blocking access to the Fasoo server or there are problems with SSL/TLS certificates.  Fiddler will help determine the problem.

Install Fiddler on the affected computer and run it.  Try to log into the Fasoo client and manually download policy.  Fiddler will automatically capture HTTP(S) traffic.  If you see any red results in the left pane, that may indicate failed access to a resource URL.  Fasoo personnel will guide you on sending session information for analysis.