Please contact your Help Desk Agent before using this utility.  Download the utility below and unzip it to run.  The instructions below are included in the zip file.

The Fasoo Trace Log Utility provides more detailed operations logs of the Fasoo client and how it interacts with applications and documents.  The utility runs as an application on a Microsoft Windows machine and does not require any installation or administrator rights to run; some environments may require running this utility as an administrator.  Fasoo Help Desk personnel or engineers will guide usage to help determine and resolve potential conflicts or problems using encrypted and plain documents on a Windows PC.  

  • Log into the Microsoft Windows PC with authorized user credentials.
  • Unzip the utility and copy it to the desktop of the computer.
  • Run TraceUtil_user.exe.
  • Verify the File Log option is checked and Trace Level is set to TRACE_LEVEL_DEBUG as shown below.


  • Click Set.
  • A dialog box will verify that “Trace configuration has been set”. 
  • Verify Setting Status shows Enabled and is green.  Click OK.


  • Keep this utility open and replicate the issue affecting the computer.  For example, open the application, open or generate a new file and run the steps that caused the problem.  Do not start the utility after you open the application that caused the problem.
  • Exit the utility once you replicate the issue.
  • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files(x86)\Fasoo DRM.
  • Copy the Log folder to the desktop and rename it Logx86.
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files\Fasoo DRM.
  • Copy the Log folder to the desktop.
  • Zip all the files in the log folders.
  • Upload the zipped logs to or otherwise send them to the Fasoo Help Desk for analysis.