The Java Password Obfuscation tool generates an obfuscated password for Fasoo services and utilities.  Have the password available for the user account used with your service or utility.

You need to have a JDK available to run this utility.  A zulu8 JDK comes with all Fasoo services. 

This example shows editing a configuration file for a Fasoo server packager to encrypt files.

Fasoo Packager

  • Download and open
  • Copy the contents of the zip (in red below) to the .\Fasoo_Packager_Encrypt folder.

  • Run OBFGenUI.bat and you should see a window appear as shown below.


  • Enter the password and click Generate as shown below. 

  • Copy the OBF Value and enter it wherever an OBF password is needed, as shown below in an example.

# user PWD the value should be encoded.



  • Exit the OBF generator window and close the command prompt if it appears.